19 April, 2012

Free Your Mind

Sometimes when I feel stressed or weighed down I have to take a minute to declutter. Sometimes the clutter is physical objects hanging around my home. Sometimes the clutter is negative noise from internet social sites, relationships and media. And sometimes that clutter is the internal thoughts flowing through my mind. Whether your clutter happens to be tangible or intangible, it is worth taking a minute to sift through, process, file, and discard making way for a more peaceful daily life.

After all that decluttering, you might find yourself hungry so here's a simple yet filling sandwich to recharge. It's like a Philly Cheesesteak but with chicken and made in Alabama so I could call it the Bama Cheesechicken. Enjoy.

Sourdough Bread (or bread of choice)
Red and green peppers sliced thin
Onion sliced thin
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
poached, baked,or grilled chicken sliced thinly

Marinate veggies in olive oil and vinegar and then saute for a couple minutes in a skillet. Warm thinly sliced chicken in same skillet. Build your sandwich with condiments of your choice, cheese of choice and top with lots of veggies and chicken.